About this Blog…

This is my blog about the enabling of Jesus Christ through the disabling of me… Able Baker

(YES… that is my real name, NO… my brothers name is not Cain and YES… Able and Baker were the first two monkey astronauts)

 On this blog you can expect to find…

  1. A cluster of my thoughts about things such as life, faith, culture Etc.

  2. Random pictures of the beautiful family God has blessed me with.

  3. Links to my music.

  4. Church dialogue.

    • The church I attend in Fort St James, BC is working toward open and honest Christ centered dialogue concerning our faith, culture, church, community, biblical interpretation, and spiritual formation. My hope is that our Sunday Morning Dialogue will benefit everyone who reads it. During our Sunday morning services, while the message is being delivered, people are texting me, emailing me, or writing me thoughts and questions during the service (and even after the service). It’s kind of like open community note taking. These are the anonymous notes or ideas I receive. I want to invite you into the conversation. I only ask that you remain aimed at peace in your candor and not contentious argumentation.
    • Be sure to subscribe to my posts via email (see column on right).

“will you recognize my face when gods awful grace
strips me of my jacket and my vest
and reveals all the treasure in my chest”

Joe Pug  Hymn 101

8 comments on “About this Blog…

  1. Brady Szabo says:

    Very nice page.You have laid it out very well. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Ramona says:

    I like coming to this place. Reading your thoughts, the thoughts of others. It is refreshing to know that no matter the age, there are always questions and doubts. The Lord who works in mysterious ways, left much to question….and moments of doubt… reasons He, I’m sure has very good reason in doing so! 🙂

  3. Mark Brown says:

    Thank you my friend for your heart for God, for your courage to speak and teach some very valuable and necessary truths in today’s world. I recall once thinking when I was a bit younger; I need to find a way to make Gods’ word relevant to people, to the youth I was involved with. Silly man that I was/am.. lol! God in no short time reminded me, “My Word is and has always been relevant my son” It is I who needs to move within it, not try and make it fit my life. “Seek the truth no matter where it leads”, it will always lead us home.

  4. disableme says:

    “Seek the truth no matter where it leads” that’s a great idea that takes so much faith in a good and trustworthy God of Grace. Thank you for your encouragement brother! 🙂

  5. Ralphie & the kids says:

    Take a deep breath and enjoy the energy ‘you’ feel – the power that created all life and the energy in your breath – exists all around you – and wonderfully – in you & me.

  6. Johnc13 says:

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