He threw in the towel… (Vignette 1 in the DMGOI series)

Here is my first vignette of five in a little series I would like to call The Domestic Mundane Graces that are Often Ignored series or DMGOI for short.
This morning it was hard to get up. It seemed as if all of the invisible forces that make it hard to get up in the morning were conspiring against me.

There is generally a certain amount of comfort I can hope for in a cup of coffee, but the coffee wasn’t working.

Opening the curtains usually causes the invisible forces of morning frumps to fly away but the windows in our house were fogged up.

Usually when my left knee is hurting in the morning a nice hot shower helps but this morning the shower water couldn’t get any hotter.

It seems as if all the usually morning comforts that God gives me were on vacation.”Would I not be allowed any morning grace?” I asked myself. But God in His providence and personal care threw in the towel… literally. Let me clarify what I am saying. In our home it seems like all of our towels were made for midgets or really healthy skinny, hot people who get up with perfect smiles, and blue birds on their shoulders like those Irish spring soap commercials I grew up watching. So usually my morning encounter with my bath towel is more like wrestling with a wet suit than the utopic (is this even a word?) experience I remember from watching the soap commercials as a child. However, this morning, I don’t know where it came from or how it happened I grabbed the only towel in our house that could wrap around me twice.

I didn’t even know we had this towel”… “were did it come from?”… “I don’t know.

I can honestly say that’s what did it this morning. That’s what made my day God tossed me a towel that fit me and for a moment I was in one of those Irish spring commercials…. before the kids got up.

What kind of towels has God thrown in for you today?


3 comments on “He threw in the towel… (Vignette 1 in the DMGOI series)

  1. Ma says:

    I’ve been enjoying your new blogs. Yesterday I read one about ‘giving’, I really enjoyed that as I think ‘giving’ needs more thought in the very action part of it. It is OK to feel good about giving, but it isn’t the purpose in giving. And of course we really do need to ask ourselves are we ‘giving’ or ‘getting rid of’…such a difference. And as you mentioned ‘giving with strings attached’ this is one I REALLY have always had the inability to accept with proper grace….’giving with strings attached to me is like…baiting for later use in some way. Even as parents we want to be careful in the most innocent of words….like, “I’m gonna let you have this now, but just remember if you don’t do well in you school work…I’m gonna have to take it back” We don’t always mean to make ‘giving’ so conditional….but, true ‘giving’ is unconditional….like a hug from a child, given freely from the heart and not thought on by the giver any further, but to the recipient of such a freely given hug, warmed to the bones for the rest of the day. 🙂

  2. disableme says:

    Great stuff thanks Ma… and you are right it does feel good to give but that should not be our purpose in giving.

  3. Ma says:

    Sometimes in those wee hours of morning….just a coffee pot unexpectedly not working can snowball a chain of events that for me when I was a young working Ma….had me in tears of despair as I put the keys in the ignition to head for work. Of course, there were those days back then that even the car wouldn’t start. I won’t even go into the ‘drama’ displayed in those moments….. But even back then while I was still believing ‘it was all about me, up to me and my strengths’ in the ‘make it or break it world’ I struggled in. God was there, in every moment that became a challenge, He was there. Every half hearted prayer and every half hearted ‘thank you’….He was there. He and for no other reason is why one foot kept following the other foot over and over for years and years…HE, not I, HE kept alive a desire in me to keep moving forward for His purpose and by His reasoning. Keeping at bay my every doubt and all my guilt and fears. My understanding of all those years looking back…clearly His work was there…unknowingly guiding and protected both me and the kids, there seems no other explaination for so much ‘working out, against all odds’. I laughed through a lot of hurt and worry back then but I also collected an amazing mental journal of some of the most incrediable times….and He gave me that, I have come to think as His gift to me and His reminder …..He was always there.

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