Sometimes God speaks through empty salt shakers… (DMGOI #2)

Here is my second vignette of five in a little series I would like to call The Domestic Mundane Graces that are Often Ignored series or DMGOI for short.

Something profound happened yesterday between the salt shaker, God and I.

I usually walk around plugged into some worrisome thought about what I am going to do today, or tomorrow, or the next day, or for the rest of my life, or if my wife and Lucy hadn’t made it home from the store yet because they accidentally slipped on black ice while going over the bridge and are now submerged under water in the car screaming for help. I’m a worrier or to be more precise I am a guilty worrier… but the guilt part can be written about another day.

Yesterday while talking with God I was mulling over some issue in my life that hadn’t happened yet but I wanted to be prepared for when it did. I wasn’t preparing for anything crazy that would land me in jail or put me on the Jerry Springer show… don’t worry. It was one of those little obstacles that every spouse/parent/pastor thinks about in the midst of their life mess. An obstacle that you realize if you’re not prepared for it… who knows…Right? I usually walk around thinking about stuff and completely miss what’s going on all around me. (If you are a Christian and you are reading this right now you are probably thinking about how you can fix me and what I need to do… see that just came into my mind) Now back to yesterday morning, after the bath towel incident I found that we had a little patch of thin ice on our front porch so I went outside and poured the rest of the salt in our salt shaker on it before the kids could slip. It worked, I was happy. As I went back to the kitchen counter to put the salt away I realized I was putting away an empty salt shaker. Being far too busy to put more salt in the shaker I did what I realize I do a lot… I put it off until later. Now at this point in my story it is important to clarify something I am not lazy, I mean, I am but, I’m not… you know what I mean. Some Type A people would think “I would never do that” or “don’t be lazy” and believe me  I have always wrestled with you people as a pseudo holy spirit in my conscience telling me I’m Lazy and what I need to do. But God met me yesterday with an empty salt shaker right in the middle of my busy mind and said

“Why are you too busy to put salt back in the shaker?”

At least I think it was God it could have just been the same voice in my head that I use when I play puppets and make believe with my daughter Chloe. But I’m over 75 percent sure it was God and majority wins so…
I said to God  “you know Lord, I hadn’t thought of it like that before” all the while wrestling with the thought of why I was talking deeply with the Lord over an empty salt shaker… but this “Why?” question hit me in a profound way. Not like seeing Jesus in tortilla profound, but profound like I actually spoke with God over an empty salt shaker. Today I am thinking this is what God’s “Why” in the midst of my “How?” actually means for me…
1. I can actually worship God in a mundane thing like refilling a salt shaker.
2. I can actually slow down and find God in the right now empty salt shaker moments rather than hope he will help me in the future or in some imagined moment that I am worried about.
3. I can actually listen to my Kids, fill salt shakers, empty garbage’s, and fix broken things around the house and trust that God who is with me right now will be with me then.

I can and I am blessed… thank you God for speaking to me through an empty salt shaker.


3 comments on “Sometimes God speaks through empty salt shakers… (DMGOI #2)

  1. Ma says:

    God spoke to me once through broken wheels on a portable dishwasher and YES, I am sure it was God! Another incident of being sure it was He that just spoke…..was shortly after buying my little shiny blue Ford Ranger…(the beginning of many little ‘successes’…that led to more and bigger….but, that too is another story) it was my first ‘new’ car….after so many loud, ugly, smoking, steaming, leaking, strand me somewhere vehicles. I was pretty full of myself on this day as I drove that shiny perfect pretty blue Ford Ranger up a popular hill heading into Lake Stevens. Just short of reaching the top of the hill a car was off to the side of the road hood up and steaming, I recognized that kinda trouble. I made a very big mistake at that very moment that was really out of my character, but a mistake all the same….. as I drove by in my new shiny vehicle I looked over at the ‘troubled’ on the side of the road and I snickered…I actually snickered! At that precise moment out of nowhere came a loud “Whack”!! so loud it made me jerk and sway on the road, then I noticed a huge crack in my windshield…it ran from one side to the other side right in my field of vision. God spoke loud and clear to me on that day through a windshield, I knew it was Him immediately and my shame was immense and I begged His forgiveness, as I drove on….I have absolutely not one shred of doubt it was God. I’ve come far since that day in many ways…..I’ve heard Him speaking many times in many ways since then. I try listen more closely, I try learn, and grow ….and I am so very grateful He still ‘speaks’ even though I still fail. (as a side note I’d like to mention that my old toaster made some weird noise the other day, I’d like to say it was God speaking …warning…”Get rid of this, it is dangerous, it’s going to catch this house on fire on day” but….I just can’t blame Him for my obsessvive ‘on line shopping’ and the fact where I sit while on my computer, that old ugly toaster is always THERE…on the counter just basking in ugly, old, outdatedness, right in front of me….so beings I was already online buying a breadmachine…I bought a toaster, a nice new shiny 4 slicer!…the ugly old thing still sits on the counter, I’m looking at it right now snickering…he doesn’t even know ‘he’s toast’ Whoooaaa!)

  2. disableme says:

    I remember the blue wagon before the Ranger and I can imagine how easy it would be to snicker. I loved the station wagon I just wish it wouldn’t have leaked so much oil. 🙂

  3. It’s an unspoken myth propagated by the enemy, and probably endorsed by the subtle hints of others, and the unfounded guilt of our own perceived hyper-spirituality . . . (wow, that’s a mouthful) that:

    Ministry workers should be too busy ‘doing ministry’ to keep up with the regular, mundane chores of everyday life.

    “Selling car tires? Painting the bathroom? Mowing the lawn? Filling the salt shaker? Don’t you have a camp building to drywall, or an event to plan, or a family to visit, or a sermon to write?!
    Oh, by the way, it’s despicable that you hold onto things you don’t need, your bathroom looks trashy, your grass is too long, and you’re not prepared for dine-in guests.”

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