What’s wrong with this picture?

I am interested in your thoughts.


5 comments on “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Ma says:

    This turns me inside out, upside down etc. Everything about this letter is wrong and very detremental to the writer and the congregation of people he ‘Lords’ over in “God’s name”.
    “turning you over to Satan”?? If you’ve the power to do that, then you’ve the power to ‘pull one away from Satan’…and why would you not? Washing one’s hands of what they see to be the ‘lost and hopeless’ is exactly the opposite of what Jesus did….obviously. This letter makes ‘light’ (to say the least) of the reasons for Jesus’ sacrafice on the cross.

  2. “In Christ’s name . . . [we] turn you over to Satan.”

    On a slightly un/related topic, I do think too many churches have a large list of ‘members’ who have been completely inactive for years, but are allowed to show up only to vote on critical issues of the body, of which they’ve only caught rumours, and which will not actually affect their non-participatory selves, but for which they seem to have extremely strong opinions.

    (I admit my personal bias, as well as my personal experience).

    I do think that it should be policy to regularly peruse the member roll, contact inactive members, and discuss future/ongoing membership, and its expectations.

  3. JP says:

    My first question would be…is this real? Secondly, it is hard to find anything right with that picture/letter. I would be ashamed to be part of the congregation and it oozes with blasphemy…like “turning you over to Satan”….as if any person/body has that kind of power.

  4. Rick Unruh says:

    What part of “showing him the love of Christ” did this, lower case p pastor miss? Am I too critical? Did I forget my upbringing? It is sooooo easy to heap condemnation on those who don’t fit our mold of “christian” behavior. This includes people who don’t show up regularly fore Sunday service, as sell as pastors who write condemning letters. Let’s pray for both of them.

  5. Brady Szabo says:

    This reminds me of the Catholic Church that would not baptize my nephew and that is just one more reason I am no longer Catholic. I think the person who wrote this letter is wrong but if a church member is involved in bad behavior, he or she should be dealt with and given a chance to correct it.

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