Eleven things we as Evangelicals should work on changing.

Ten things I think Evangelicals could work on. Do you have any to add?
1. Frozen doctrine needs to melt from ice cubes of traditional dogma into rich warm conversation. (sorry i’m drinking hot chocolate)
2. What are you angry about? We need to stop being angry about what we believe.Love God and Love others but you don’t have to be angry about it..
3. We need to see local churches as a part of the community not simply in the community.
4. Pastors need to take on the servant leadership model of Jesus and the apostles and dump the entrepreneurial model.
5. If you have a good idea for a church program and no one wants to help then it’s a bad idea for your church. People not programs.
6. Sunday school is overrated.
7. Every ministry in the church should be subordinate to discipleship. (discipleship is more than a class or program)
8. Big ideas like the quiver full movement, home-school, creationism, the nuclear family etc… should never move into the realm of Christian mandate. You know it’s bad when a recovering crack adict mom or dad comes into your church with his or her children and he hears about the problem with public schools and why home school is what Jesus would have done. “Hi welcome to our church o you have a crack problem well don’t raise children of Caesar”
9. We should invent something called Church Adoption. Wealthier suburban churches making poorer urban and rural churches their mission focus before going over seas would make me actually like mega-churches. So… before you order that 400 foot glass statue of Jesus helping people for your foyer we need a church roof.
10. Stop performing. I don’t know about you but mistakes comfort me. We need to be a little less polished.
11. Communion… I won’t say to much here or I might get in trouble… does anyone else feel like our communion celebrations are missing something? I mean if you think taking a couple of minutes to eat a little cracker and drink grape juice from a thimble is biblical communion…. well… you have every right… I won’t say anything. 🙂

Here is my morning mind purge. There I feel much better. What would you add? Or get offended over (Just joking)


4 comments on “Eleven things we as Evangelicals should work on changing.

  1. “all things in common,” “no one lacked . . . as each needed”

    Giving in a way that is SACRIFICIAL and that is personal. Right now, it’s just an economic system: Write a cheque, and add it to the money pot. The building, and the pastor will still exist next month, if you do.

    A system in which people are giving to specific causes (even if that cause is simply “phone bill and office supplies”), and can share in the joy of being a part of it. Just a thought.

  2. disableme says:

    Thanks Derek. Sacrificial and personal giving really comes across here…“all things in common,” “no one lacked . . . as each needed”.

  3. Rick Unruh says:

    How about we stop telling people that when they behave better they will be closer to God and start telling them that forming a powerful relationship with their creator and savior will result in behavior that will be a net blessing to others.

  4. disableme says:

    Thanks Rick # 12 🙂

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