Original Cliche

I love this song. I just finished rocking out to it in my office. You can click on the title below to listen to it.

Give me some of your examples of an original cliche that you have witnessed in life.

Some that come to my mind is CCM or Christian Contemporary Music. Or maybe Lady Gaga who pales in comparison to the abilities of the late Amy Winehouse.

Original Cliche

Andy Gullahorn

All your fresh ideas are stolen
And your road less traveled by
Is just a worn out path broken in
With the blind leading the blind
You’re a pioneer of nothing
‘cause you reinvent the wheel
That’s been reinvented a million times before you came along
You’re like a broken record song

You can blame it on your daddy
For the role he never played
You can curse the ground he walked upon
And choose to walk the same
Neglecting those who love you
While you trust the ones who don’t
And you smoke the grass that’s greener
‘til it all goes up in flames
And you’re too far gone to change

But the price of being cool
Is to make the same mistakes
You’re story’s nothing new
Just an original cliché

You say that no one understands you
So you walk the world alone
Trying so hard to be different
That you’re really just a clone
In a community of loners
Like a blindfold to the eyes
So you don’t recognize
The chalky human outline on the floor
That says it’s all been done before

‘cause the price of being cool
Is to make the same mistakes
You’re story’s nothing new
Just an original cliché

You see it takes time for the circle
To make its way around
All that stuff you’re getting high on
Will only bring you down

Because the price of being cool
Is to make the same mistakes
You’re story’s nothing new
Just an original cliché


2 comments on “Original Cliche

  1. Ramona says:

    Though I have used it myself a time or two when seemed ‘fitting’, but now…..it is well done, lost it’s power ..and I’ve heard it used in disrespectful mimicking type fashion more and more.

    “What would Jesus do?”

    I use lots of cliche terms myself, most everything that comes out of my mouth these days seems to be a cliche, not much I can say on any given topic that hasn’t been said time and time again…driven into the ground by us ‘baby boomer’ has beens. We really do need to learn a different language almost, to share our thoughts in a manner that can be understood and appreciated. We really do have valuable information that needs to be shared…we just have to drop the ‘authoritative’ tone in what we share. Another generation has taken that on now, much like we once did.

  2. Brady Szabo says:

    I think aging is a Cliche, it’s so unoriginal. My grandparents did it and they died. Everyone I know who gets older eventually dies.

    Another example is these rock stars and movie stars who go to rehab and milk the heck out of the publicity. I can’t even watch the news anymore, it’s just all such a load of biased crap.

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