Being a “missional” church in a time when every man is a king and every king is our servant.

To be truly “missional” today I think the church needs to address the cultural phenomenon of what I will call the every man a king and every king my servant philosophy. It is the first time in history that rulers submitting to the people is the norm in many parts of the world. It seems odd to be counter culture on this issue and claim the badge “missional” at the same time.  Here is a great article by Brendan Kiley to help explain what I mean. (Click on the image below to read the article) I also have some questions below to interact with after you read the article.

Church or Cult? The Control-Freaky Ways of Mars Hill Church by BRENDAN KILEY

Here are some questions

1. Is it truly “missional” to attempt to dogmatically regulate a 2000 year old model of leadership in church today without making some major adjustments to fit our culture?

2. How can Evangelicals survive in an “every man a king every king our servant culture?”

3.  When does leadership go too far in the church?

4. Do you have any testimonies of manipulative and controlling leadership?

5. Are you recovering from some form of abusive fundamentalism or church leadership.

6. How would you define a cult?

7. Do you think the church in the article seems to be using cult like tactics?

I (for sure) have a lot to learn as an evangelical pastor trying to step away from fundamentalism while remaining evangelical.


9 comments on “Being a “missional” church in a time when every man is a king and every king is our servant.

  1. changeinview says:

    It amazing how many false teachers are out there and how they get people so wrapped up in “doing” rather than the relationship with Christ. Ive been a part of churchs were the leadership was very controlling, but nothing like this. I think they took legalism to a whole new level and have really missed the point in a lot of ways. Thanks for the post and letting us see more of what this church is about.

  2. disableme says:

    Thanks changeinview. I am amazed at what it says about our hearts that we would desire leaders like this. I am not speaking for you only myself. He is selling a very valuable product.

  3. Paul Poppe says:

    There does seem to be some anti-authority leanings in some of the complaints about Mars Hill; but still something seems to be unhealthy in the way conflict is handled there. Sovereign Grace is dealing with differences among leaders. Maybe its time for Mars Hill to do the same. I’m not sure that Driscoll is being held accountable for his words and actions.

  4. disableme says:

    Paul thanks for the response. Do you think it’s Anti-Authority or is it the type of authority that our new democratic culture values. By “new” I mean within the last 400 years. I know a lot of people that have been turned of by an authority type but not authority and to many Christians they would seem “anti-authority

  5. Luke Geraty says:

    This. Post. Is. Awesome.

    The single pastor professional president model of leadership just plain sucks.

  6. disableme says:

    LOL… single pastor professional president model of leadership. I will have to remember that. From know on it will be S.P.P.P.M.L. 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mike said…I didn’t answer your questions, but I will say what everyone who read that article is thinking: fuck Mars Hill. It takes a lot of nerve, and idiocy, to presume judge an individual’s personal relationship with the supernatural. “Spiritual probation” what a joke, that actually made me laugh. Thaks for posting that, I didn’t realize that Mars Hill was involved in such egrerious jackassery.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jennifer Ervig said… I just left a church last year that had become sick because of the same reasons…only it was the board controlling the church and pastor instead of the pastor doing the controlling. It’s so sad to see it happen, but I’m so glad God saved me from that and brought me to a much healthier church. Able, I’m sure that when it comes to your pastorate, you have nothing to worry about because you’re humble and even when you mess up, you check yourself and grow from there 🙂

  9. Ramona says:

    “The way we do things has a very Seattle vibe to it, from technology, music to style,” said Driscoll, a Seattle native.
    I took the above quote from a story in a newspaper in 2007, regarding Mars Hill Church and Driscoll.
    It was an interesting story, but to me a very old story regarding “church and recruiting” being retold again, as if a new concept. I really cannot imagine being a Pastor, Teacher for God. What a demanding thankless job it can be at times, meaning that in ‘keeping to the truth’ best one can as God does demand, doesn’t always, keep one popular. That is the Key word here I think, “Popular.” Remaining an open ear to opinion and idea’s, yet unmoving in what a Pastor/Teacher knows to be the absolute truth….(.As close in ‘truth’ one can be through scripture, prayer, knowledge and a huge heap of “Divine Guidance”.)… by way of God’s demands, messages and invitation to salvation.

    I don’t like the word “Cult” just as I don’t like the work “Christendom” What really is the point of labeling, as if it is a lower level of what one believes themselves to be, “out of your group.” or “the condemned heathens.” Whatever “it” is, is far from lost and far from right in God’s eyes I am sure. We all remain at his Mercy and Grace, and not one is left to “LOST”, until He say’s so. But, prayer for ourselves and those falling into such chaotic ways of loving the Lord and trying to serve Him, Pray for those being confused and mislead. They too Mars Hill if truly seeking, shall find….even if in a really really weird way, only then through true seeking and finding Jesus….will they know how really really weird they have behaved. 🙂 The Lord loves a sinner. 🙂

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