The evangelical medium over message delemma…

Here are some example questions that seem to create conflict in and among certain evangelical circles in regards to medium over message.

  1. Is bible software a bible?

  2. Are forms of communication like email, Facebook, e cards, Etc. the same as a written or typed forms?

  3. Is an e-reader a better tool for reading?Image

  4. Can art-work be a form of evangelism?

  5. Is “texting” a question during the Sunday morning service different from putting one on paper and placing it in a question box?

Here are some questions I would love to dialogue over…

Q: Does it seem, for the most part, that evangelicals (my sphere of influence) place more emphasis on the medium than the message? In other words does the form of our communication seem to be more important than the message?

Q: Have you seen any other forms of this issue among evangelicals?

Q: What, in your opinion, is the cause of this “medium over message” dilemma?

Q: What, in your opinion, would be some effective ways to overcome this dilemma?


3 comments on “The evangelical medium over message delemma…

  1. Ramona-Tony says:

    I would think…however one best can receive ‘the message’….American Sign Language is often used for congregations with members that are deaf. I don’t feel “e-anything” for the soul purpose of convenience is necessarily the right way to approach or teach the word of God. Technologies, though do have a place, it is in the personal relationship with the the Lord, one best discern where those ‘technologies’ are best used or abused i.e. (Television church), in ‘hearing’ His word, or the teaching of His word. Shedding light and being the light…best one can I suppose.

  2. Brady Szabo says:

    I prefer to read my actual physical Bible. But all digital media does offer a great way to share God’s word and recall or share your favorite passages with the click of a mouse. Also when travelling, you can take a Kindle, which can hold something like 1,000 books. I don’t ever think the “medium” or application we are using is more important than the actual message, so I think it is up to the individual to realize what is important. I believe people who have a genuine relationship with God will understand that the message is the important thing.

  3. disableme says:

    Thank you… both of you. Excellent responses. Something to think about.

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