Is Christianity good for the world? (2)

Great story! Hope your encouraged.


3 comments on “Is Christianity good for the world? (2)

  1. Ramona-Tony says:

    Enjoyed his testimony very much. Powerful.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s nice to see someone with so much worldly influence and so much, money, power and fame, It’s nice to see them walk away from it because they realize it’s not even important. Thank You Able.

  3. Ramona-Tony says:

    A very successful country singer long ago who had become so addicted to alcohol and drugs his career plummeted, only then after so much pain and so much had been lost did he begin to ask “Why?”… “How can anything that makes you feel so good, be so bad?”…a good friend, and recovering addict… also a famous successful country singer, and by now a Christian answered him, “The devil introduces himself to you handsomely, baring enticing “feel good” packages of promise, seemingly your friend, if he came to you in his true hideous form, showing his real intentions you would recognize him and you would turn your back on him without question and he would fail in your destruction.”

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