The bible says so! What does this even mean?

Scot McKnight, in his book The Blue Parakeet, has caused me to become more aware of how we as Christians pick and choose from the bible’s many mandates.
I put a series of questions from Leviticus 19 below to illustrate how we pick and choose.

Q: Why do we pick and choose?

Q: How should we pick and choose? (or What criteria do you use for determining what 613 mandates in the OT law make it into your Christian life today?)


2 comments on “The bible says so! What does this even mean?

  1. Brady Szabo says:

    I hope this isn’t off the subject, but I am under the impression that these laws do not apply to us because they were Old Testament and when Jesus came we got a new Covenant. Also, why do we go to church on Sunday when I read the sabbath is actually Saturday, isn’t this disrespectful to God? I enjoy your blog and I really like the new look.

  2. Don’t you just go to the back, you know, where the index is, and there is a chart that ranks them…okay, all kidding aside, I think we are supposed to live our lives loving God and loving each other. I think that will take care of everything else.

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