“God lets his children tell the story.” Pete Enns

Peter Enns is a leading Old Testament Scholar (Ph.D. from Harvard  in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations). I enjoy reading his views concerning how we should interpret the scriptures and how they are authoritative for us today. I was blessed by this article this morning thought you might be as well.



“God lets his children tell the story.”

“The Bible is what happens when God allows his children to tell his story–which means the biblical writers told the story from their point of view, with their limitations, within the cultural context in which they wrote.”

“When children tell the story of their father or mother, parents are typically delighted by how much they get and the childlike way that they see the world. But they are also well aware that children miss a lot when they tell the story, and invariably refract the complexities of family life through their own youthful vision.”

“This is a way of understanding why the Bible behaves the way that it does. It bears the marks of the limitations of the cultures.”


2 comments on ““God lets his children tell the story.” Pete Enns

  1. Excellent article. I think as one contemplates their own mortality, they are left wondering what their legacy will be. When you listen to a eulogy you will hear more of things like this…
    “But I never mentioned the many things my father did that were also heroic but not quite as exciting—like coming to all my little league games, working long hours to make sure we kept a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, and cars to get around in even though money was very tight. Had I talked like that, it would have fallen on deaf ears.”
    ……and not necessarily the “spotlight” acts of heroism.

  2. disableme says:

    Great point about the eulogy. The more mature I become in my spiritual life the less flashy and attractive the “spotlight acts” seem.

    This is where the reality of Jesus really comes into play…

    “Bear in mind this is only an analogy, but if we want to extend this to the New Testament, we can think of the teachings of Jesus as a more “mature” telling of God’s story. Jesus tells the story in a way that is more in line with who God is (“you have heard it said, but I say to you…”). Such things as land acquisition and killing and enslaving enemies is no longer part of God’s narrative.”

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