Branches of Refuge

From our church…”I like to think that birds live their lives out of needs not wants.”

Poetic Journeys

I watched 2 birds this morning as they perched on the branches of a tree. I wondered where they came from last and what were their next individual destinations. I knew they were not there last night and would not be there when I got back from church mid day, therefore I assume they will fly off to distant destinations and stop when they require refuge in another tree.

While I was at church the pastor was talking on the Book of Mark. He asked us to see the story in our lives and look for when God interceded and came alive in our hearts,  calling us to Him. I thought on this and, to no surprise to anyone who knows me and my tangential tendencies, I thought of those birds and their stories.

I would imagine they are living one branch at a time. Enjoying the branch they are…

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