Michael Lawrence on “Church and State”

Michael Lawrence says this concerning the topic of the kingdom of God and society as it pertains to Mark 1:14-15 (emphasis mine)…

“According to Jesus, there is a sharp distinction between church and state, between the kingdoms of this world and the kingdom of God (Matt 26:53-56; John 18:36) Does this mean Christians shouldn’t care about what happens here, or that they can reject earthly politics? Not at all. In between the inauguration and consummation of the kingdom of God earthly political authority is both legitimate and good (Romans 13). HOWEVER, SUCH AUTHORITY IS ALSO BOTH TEMPORARY AND LIMITED. WE NEITHER PUT OUR FINAL HOPE IN, NOR GIVE OUR FINAL LOYALTY TO, THE POLITICAL STATE (CF. ACTS 4:19-20)”

From his book Biblical Theology in the Life of The Church.


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