Serving The Son of Man in the Trenches (sermon outline from 9/30/2012)

  • Serving Jesus is all about the tension between immediate difficulties and ultimate Joy. (Phil 2:1-11)
    • There are ALWAYS difficult things going on when serving in the trenches of this world while its present unredeemed state.
    • There is ALWAYS work in the trench.
    • Your labor is NEVER in vain in the trench.
      • Augustine wrote…
        “The Son of God became the Son of man that you who were sons of men might be made sons of God.”
      • The final judgment of all people (Matt 25:31-46) in the trench (this present world) will be made by The Son of Man who…
        • Identified with us in His death.
        • Represented and substituted us in His death.
        • Absorbed us into the life of God.

        • Why is this important?
          • The trench is tough. Things like depression, anger, discouragement, sorrow, loneliness Etc. are realities and NOT always sinful in our struggle to serve Christ.
          • We are not out of the trench yet.
          • Our ultimate Joy is remembering that our trench labor is not in vain and that what we do now for the Lord will echo in eternity.

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