Sometimes God speaks through empty salt shakers… (DMGOI #2)

Here is my second vignette of five in a little series I would like to call The Domestic Mundane Graces that are Often Ignored series or DMGOI for short.

Something profound happened yesterday between the salt shaker, God and I.

I usually walk around plugged into some worrisome thought about what I am going to do today, or tomorrow, or the next day, or for the rest of my life, or if my wife and Lucy hadn’t made it home from the store yet because they accidentally slipped on black ice while going over the bridge and are now submerged under water in the car screaming for help. I’m a worrier or to be more precise I am a guilty worrier… but the guilt part can be written about another day.

Yesterday while talking with God I was mulling over some issue in my life that hadn’t happened yet but I wanted to be prepared for when it did. I wasn’t preparing for anything crazy that would land me in jail or put me on the Jerry Springer show… don’t worry. It was one of those little obstacles that every spouse/parent/pastor thinks about in the midst of their life mess. An obstacle that you realize if you’re not prepared for it… who knows…Right? I usually walk around thinking about stuff and completely miss what’s going on all around me. (If you are a Christian and you are reading this right now you are probably thinking about how you can fix me and what I need to do… see that just came into my mind) Now back to yesterday morning, after the bath towel incident I found that we had a little patch of thin ice on our front porch so I went outside and poured the rest of the salt in our salt shaker on it before the kids could slip. It worked, I was happy. As I went back to the kitchen counter to put the salt away I realized I was putting away an empty salt shaker. Being far too busy to put more salt in the shaker I did what I realize I do a lot… I put it off until later. Now at this point in my story it is important to clarify something I am not lazy, I mean, I am but, I’m not… you know what I mean. Some Type A people would think “I would never do that” or “don’t be lazy” and believe me  I have always wrestled with you people as a pseudo holy spirit in my conscience telling me I’m Lazy and what I need to do. But God met me yesterday with an empty salt shaker right in the middle of my busy mind and said

“Why are you too busy to put salt back in the shaker?”

At least I think it was God it could have just been the same voice in my head that I use when I play puppets and make believe with my daughter Chloe. But I’m over 75 percent sure it was God and majority wins so…
I said to God  “you know Lord, I hadn’t thought of it like that before” all the while wrestling with the thought of why I was talking deeply with the Lord over an empty salt shaker… but this “Why?” question hit me in a profound way. Not like seeing Jesus in tortilla profound, but profound like I actually spoke with God over an empty salt shaker. Today I am thinking this is what God’s “Why” in the midst of my “How?” actually means for me…
1. I can actually worship God in a mundane thing like refilling a salt shaker.
2. I can actually slow down and find God in the right now empty salt shaker moments rather than hope he will help me in the future or in some imagined moment that I am worried about.
3. I can actually listen to my Kids, fill salt shakers, empty garbage’s, and fix broken things around the house and trust that God who is with me right now will be with me then.

I can and I am blessed… thank you God for speaking to me through an empty salt shaker.


He threw in the towel… (Vignette 1 in the DMGOI series)

Here is my first vignette of five in a little series I would like to call The Domestic Mundane Graces that are Often Ignored series or DMGOI for short.
This morning it was hard to get up. It seemed as if all of the invisible forces that make it hard to get up in the morning were conspiring against me.

There is generally a certain amount of comfort I can hope for in a cup of coffee, but the coffee wasn’t working.

Opening the curtains usually causes the invisible forces of morning frumps to fly away but the windows in our house were fogged up.

Usually when my left knee is hurting in the morning a nice hot shower helps but this morning the shower water couldn’t get any hotter.

It seems as if all the usually morning comforts that God gives me were on vacation.”Would I not be allowed any morning grace?” I asked myself. But God in His providence and personal care threw in the towel… literally. Let me clarify what I am saying. In our home it seems like all of our towels were made for midgets or really healthy skinny, hot people who get up with perfect smiles, and blue birds on their shoulders like those Irish spring soap commercials I grew up watching. So usually my morning encounter with my bath towel is more like wrestling with a wet suit than the utopic (is this even a word?) experience I remember from watching the soap commercials as a child. However, this morning, I don’t know where it came from or how it happened I grabbed the only towel in our house that could wrap around me twice.

I didn’t even know we had this towel”… “were did it come from?”… “I don’t know.

I can honestly say that’s what did it this morning. That’s what made my day God tossed me a towel that fit me and for a moment I was in one of those Irish spring commercials…. before the kids got up.

What kind of towels has God thrown in for you today?