A Great poem…

The Way

Paths abound on every side,
Luring us in ways that contradict light.
These paths are faces of desire and influence,
Peddlers of wants and justice to our minds Way.

The way of the mind is open and clear,
Housing Diners and Hotels of futile indulgence.
Feeding the stomach of perpetual hunger,bedding the soul in worldly nothingness.

The Way of God is murky and ominous,
jagged steps of truth mark the trail.
No glamour lines the ascent of this path,
Just broken idols and tears of enlightened souls.

But ways back to the mind litter this path,
Trails of knowledge and righteousness offer rest from the climb.
Idols new respite from the taxation of awareness,
Walled in with pity and judgement of those poor souls down below.

The minds paths are wrong and thus have dull teeth,
For the pleasures are fleeting creating a temporary bind.
The road is free of hindering forces to the end,
Where waits delusion and sorrow and ignorance caged.

God path is pure and traversing is stained,
By the blockades of human Godly ideals.
Detours to cliffs created by man,
in our arrogant supposition of knowing God’s plan.

Andrew Vogelsang

” intrinsic service defines and shapes our beliefs and our soul.”