Evangelical church culture in a bubble…

“What did the death of Jesus on the cross accomplish for the non-elect? Anything? It’s amazing how frequently that question is coming up recently. Somebody asked me after church last week, “Did Christ purchase common grace?” And we were talking about it at Table Talk with the students just a few weeks ago.”
John Piper (from one of his recent articles in the Christian Post)

Q: How many people are asking this in my congregation?

Q: How many people are asking this question in any congregation?

Q: How many people are asking this question outside of church?


Being a “missional” church in a time when every man is a king and every king is our servant.

To be truly “missional” today I think the church needs to address the cultural phenomenon of what I will call the every man a king and every king my servant philosophy. It is the first time in history that rulers submitting to the people is the norm in many parts of the world. It seems odd to be counter culture on this issue and claim the badge “missional” at the same time.  Here is a great article by Brendan Kiley to help explain what I mean. (Click on the image below to read the article) I also have some questions below to interact with after you read the article.

Church or Cult? The Control-Freaky Ways of Mars Hill Church by BRENDAN KILEY

Here are some questions

1. Is it truly “missional” to attempt to dogmatically regulate a 2000 year old model of leadership in church today without making some major adjustments to fit our culture?

2. How can Evangelicals survive in an “every man a king every king our servant culture?”

3.  When does leadership go too far in the church?

4. Do you have any testimonies of manipulative and controlling leadership?

5. Are you recovering from some form of abusive fundamentalism or church leadership.

6. How would you define a cult?

7. Do you think the church in the article seems to be using cult like tactics?

I (for sure) have a lot to learn as an evangelical pastor trying to step away from fundamentalism while remaining evangelical.